About Us

The international Medical Spouse Network (iMSN) was founded in 1999 as a small internet website for the support of medical spouses across the globe. Since it’s inception, the iMSN has supported medical spouse members from South America, Australia, and Canada as well as the United States. Despite its humble beginnings, the iMSN has grown over the years in its membership and activities. Our members come from every level in the medical training process; from medical student spouse to practicing physicians.

Here we are at our most recent get-together:

OK, we might not be quite that glamorous, but the friendship and support that we get from each other makes up for it.

How is the iMSN different from other medical spouse alliances?

We are a grass roots organization that supports medical spouses nationally. We strive to be an additional source of support for spouses beyond their local alliance organizations. By joining the iMSN, you become part of a caring group of friends that supports each other through forums and local meetings. Our members have pulled together on many occasions to assist medical families in crisis. At the iMSN, supporting families is our primary goal. Is its possible to survive medical training as a family and thrive. Join us for support.

Our Mission Statement
The international Medical Spouse Network is committed to supporting the needs of medical families during the training years and beyond by providing educational materials, resources and support to its members. In addition, a sense of community is encouraged by involving its members in the support of social programs that protect children as well as adocacy activities that improve healthcare and health delivery throughout the United States.

Why an online support organization?

The medical lifestyle can be a challenging path for families. Family lives are often dictated by rotations and call schedules. The iMSN is dedicated to supporting medical spouses and their families.

Why join the iMSN?

One word. Support. The iMSN is the oldest online community for medical spouses. We do not have hidden fees to use our databases or tools, and our members pride themselves in providing a level of support for each other both online and offline through our active forums, groups and local and annual get-togethers.