Welcome to the international Medical Spouse Network.

The international Medical Spouse Network (iMSN) is the the original online community made by medical spouses for medical spouses. We are a nonprofit organization, dedicated to supporting medical families during the medical training years and beyond. Our mission is to provide help and encouragement to medical families as they navigate the medical education process and eventually finish residency or fellowship. We do this by providing online community forums, scheduled chats, and free career and relocation resources. Our members also host local get-togethers.

Browse through our Articles and search through our Links section to find resources for you and your family. We are an interactive community! Share your own medical spouse survival stories and find comfort and encouragement in the stories of others.

Local Meet-Ups

Find Local Area Information or plan a Meet-Up with other medical spouses.

iMSN members can share information about local cities and learn about new areas before they move in. We also have active groups of members who get-together regularly to shop, have dinner, or just enjoy an evening out.